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Staying comfortable during the winter months in Virginia Beach starts with having a proper heating unit. Commonwealth Heating and Cooling offers heating unit repairs, such as furnace repairs and tune-ups. Having your furnace periodically tuned and checked ensures that it will be in proper working order when you need it. We offer maintenance repair services that provide a benefit to your residential and commercial heating system.

Benefits of Heating Unit Maintenance:

  • Life extension
  • Reduced repairs
  • More efficient
  • Saves you time and money
  • Lowering utility bills
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Knowing when your heating unit needs a tune-up is also very important. Your water heater may inform you that it needs to be serviced by malfunctioning. Some indications of a malfunction include: improper heating (such as inconsistent or not enough heat), poor pressure, and strange sounds.

Knowing when your heating unit needs a tune up is also very important. Your water heater may inform you that it needs to be serviced by malfunctioning. You may experience improper heating such as inconsistent heat or not enough heat. If the pressure is poor or it is making strange sounds then that could indicate a need for maintenance or repair. Additionally, your furnace needs regular maintenance to ensure proper performance and a long lifespan. If it is experiencing ignition failure, bad air circulation or strange noises then give us a call for furnace repair.

We strive to achieve a better heating system and a comfortable temperature for your residential or commercial heating unit. We want our customers to be satisfied with their heating systems and comfortable at the right temperature. Our expert technicians will service your heating unit needs to ensure that it works properly and efficiently during the cold months.

Were you aware that some warranties require regular maintenance of the equipment in order to be considered valid?

We offer the best heating preventative maintenance out there, so you can keep your equipment effective and efficient, while also maintaining the status of your warranty. Regular tune-ups mean less risks of broken equipment in the future. We are here for you! Located in Virginia Beach, our phone number is 757-490-7442. Call us to schedule your next at home tune-up.