Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Not having the most efficient AC, especially in the Virginia Beach summer heat, can be a serious issue in your household or business. Our expert technicians at Commonwealth Heating and Cooling want to ensure that your air conditioning is in tip-top shape for the upcoming warm months. Most people don’t know that regular AC preventative maintenance is key to making sure your machine is working at full capacity in order to cool your home down to the desired temperature. AC maintenance would benefit both newer and older air conditioning machines. We offer all season maintenance, but recommend certain season tune-ups more than others. Tune-ups are suggested at least once a year and are usually best to get right around spring time since your AC has most likely been dormant, or used rarely during the winter and may need to be checked for any damage that could have been done during those colder months. Virginia summers can be VERY hot, so we suggest getting your annual maintenance done early so you aren’t stuck without air conditioning when the blazing heat comes. Along with annual maintenance, we recommend changing the filters in your AC every 1-3 months as an important part of keeping your unit up and running properly. 

Benefits of AC maintenance:

  • Equipment life extension
  • Reduced repairs
  • More efficient
  • Saves you time and money
  • Lowering utility bills
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Knowing when your AC unit needs a tune-up is also very important. Some signs include a bad odor, unusual utility bills, and strange noises coming from your unit. We do offer same-day air conditioning repair, but why not catch the problems in advance with regular maintenance so you aren’t stuck with a steaming hot house or office? Our residential and commercial air conditioning tune-ups in Virginia Beach will keep you comfortable in the hot summer months.

Enjoying better air conditioning is what we strive for. We want our customers to be satisfied with their cooling systems and be comfortable at the right temperature. Our expert technicians will help with what your AC unit needs in order to work properly and efficiently for the extreme heat that is coming.

Did you know that some warranties require regular maintenance to be valid?

We can help you with that by providing you with the best air conditioning preventative maintenance out there, so you can have an effectively working air conditioning unit while also maintaining the status of your warranty. Regular tune-ups mean less risks of breakdown in the future. Who wouldn’t want that? We are here for you! Located in Virginia Beach, our phone number is 757-490-7442. Call us to schedule your next at home tune up.